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Adin wins the prestigious 'Best Exporter Award' by the Israeli President Shimon Peres and the Minister of Economy Naftali Bennet • Touareg™- OS Dental Implant Launch • Narrow Platform and Surgical DLC Drills Deluxe Kits • Three- and Two-Step Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) Surgical Drills •

ADIN Dental Implant Systems Ltd., designs, manufactures and markets state of the art, technologically advanced dental implants solutions. For over 20 years, ADIN has provided dentists and dental technicians with innovative solutions and advanced knowledge into the field of Implant Dentistry. Located in Northern Israel, each ADIN employee plays a significant role in ADIN’s growing success. ADIN highly values each hard working employee and attributes its growing success to their continuous dedication.

Over the years, ADIN has continuously focused on advancing its highly professional research and development team to ensure the production of technologically advanced high quality products. ADIN has also worked closely with the industry's leading dental professionals, surgeons, technicians, in both private and public sectors, along with dental schools in leading universities in order to provide customers with the most current, up-to-date industry knowledge and information.


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